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Check out some of the amazing people and organizations we love....


By some stroke of luck, Lyndsey hosts a radio show on free-form radio station KHUM (Radio without the Rules) Sunday mornings/early afternoons.  You can tune in anytime, anywhere in the world at khum.com!
We also are blessed to play for awesome local farmers at The North Coast Growers Association Farmers' Markets... yum!
Cory works for a non-profit organization called the MARZ Project.  He teaches music production to youth at a free after-school program funded by The Ink People Center for the Arts.  
Our super-talented, creative friend, Colin Vance makes banjos.  He made Cory's banjo, he will make you a banjo too!


This here website would not be possible without Dave MacCuish!  He helped us set it all up.  He also raises rabbits for meat.  We like to call him 'The Bunny Slayer,' though he is much nicer than that title implies.


Wildwood Music in Arcata has always been kind to us, and Brian works there...sometimes.
The Arcata Playhouse is a great venue, and the center for the revival of the arts in Arcata's Creamery District.
A favorite non-profit of ours is CASA of Humboldt... they do wonderful things for children in our community.
The Humboldt Folklife Society is pretty cool too!  They throw a festival every year and Lyndsey calls many Barn Dances.
Lyndsey's favorite local musician is John Ludington.  Hands down.  He is incredible!
Northern California's Humor Magazine, Savage Henry Independent Times, is purdy darn funny.  They wrote a review of 'All Ways in a Good Way' which you can read HERE.
The North Coast Journal  highlights local happenings, Humboldt's art scene and also wrote a review of our new latest album.  You can read it HERE.
We have a music page on Facebook.  You can 'like' us, if you'd like.  We'd, like... really like that!
We also have a reverbnation page.
Our friend, Chuck does a video series called 'The Humboldt Live Sessions.' His videos are truly beautiful.
We love local, independently owned record stores!  You can find our music at these such places: 
The Works, Missing Link Records, People's Records, Ferndale Music Company,Central Square Records, and Revolver Records.
Lastly, we do have the album up for digital download online HERE.


I am certain that I forgot some folks, but will do my best to update this page.  If I missed you on this list, call me out on it!   Love, -Battle